OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday October 13th 2015



For our next club meeting we invite another visitor to share with us his experiences and expert advice in the world of amateur filmmaking, albeit this time with a little twist.

(bio courtesy of Annabelle Lancaster)

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Our guest speaker, Mike Whyman FACI, had a very varied career from technical assistant at the BBC through to making around 400 video programmes for the National Coal Board.

From there he eventually went to JVC just as the Japanese company was launching VHS and, in so doing, bringing about a revolution in the way that TV is consumed. Mike’s role there was to offer advice, guidance and some video facilities to the public at the Video Information Centre in London and that, in turn, led to his involvement with the IAC and with affiliated clubs.

A keen amateur himself, starting with Standard 8 film, Mike has maintained his contacts with the IAC and is a regular visitor to BIAFF and the AGM weekends. He has also acted as a judge in a number of IAC competitions at club, regional and national levels.

He calls his talk “Video Formats I’ve known and loved.”

So make sure you come along this Tuesday to hear the wit and wisdom of Mike Whyman for yourself.

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  1. And he is yet another older Expert but so very friendly and really up-to-date. He hosted one of the mini-cinemas at BIAFF 2015 using his own equipment!!

  2. Thank you Mike for a fascinating evening charting some of the highs and lows of video recording. I must admit much of the techie stuff went over my head but seeing the evolution of the technology in its historic context was really interesting.
    Unfortunately we ran out of time but thanks again for putting so much work into preparing the presentation for us.

  3. Thanks for a great evening with Mike Whyman
    I loved seeing the photos of all the early BBC equipment and his very interesting explanation of the various video formats and the progression of video recording methods over the years. A delightful presentation by a professional.

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