OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday November 6th 2012



November kicks off with two of OVFM’s longest running competitions taking place: The Vic Treen Trophy and the Kath Jones Cup.

A quick reminder of what is expected for each one:

The Vic Treen Trophy is a film set to music although this means being creative with the timing and editing rather than just slapping a bit of Coldplay or Tinie Tempah over footage of your trip to Chessington Zoo.

The Kath Jones Cup requires a comedy film of no longer than five minutes that has a definitive punchline to it; in other words a short comic sketch if you will.

Attending club members will score the films for both competitions on the night with the winners to be announced at the Oscars next year.

Good luck to all who enter their films this year. Here’s to a potentially fun and rocking evening!!

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  1. In the absence of chairman Capn’ Chris Coulson who was of splashing about in his new dinghy, last night’s meeting was fronted by Sam Brown who did a good job for a foetus! 😛

    We were treated to nine films in total across the two categories along with two bonus films.

    First up were the three entries for the Kath Jones Cup, which teed off with “Why I Stopped Playing Golf” by Hugh Darrington (see what I did there?). Next was “Legal Tangle” from Colin Jones followed by “Yet Another Bloody Fantastic Club Film” courtesy of Mike & Jo Coad.

    For the Vic Treen Trophy we had seven entries, starting with the second film of the evening from the Coads “Shades Of Autumn”. This was followed by “Vintage Car Rally” by Barbara “Cakes” Darby and “Pin Striping World” from John & Ann Epton. The Coads hadn’t submitted a film for five minutes so we were treated to “Wild Fowl Waltz” while Colin Jones returned with “Finger Lickin’ Good”. Alan Smith reminded us of “October In The Garden” while Simon Earwicker encouraged us to “Follow The Band”.

    The results of these two contests will be revealed at the Oscars next March.

    With some time to spare, two bonus films were aired for our delectation. Alan Smith shared with us a “work in progress” entitled “London’s Bascule Bridge” before the big finale of the evening which came courtesy to David Laker with an exclusive look at our winning entry for the North vs South competition “Disastermind”!! 😉

    An entertaining night all round and congrats to Sam for a good job as MC for the night even with the added pressure of the club DVD player dying literally minutes before the start of the meeting and to David Laker for providing a replacement at such short notice!

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