This week we give members a chance to interact with each other via the comfort of our lovely warm homes and not have to brave the freezing temperatures of the dark nights as we present another Zoom meeting.

For the first part of this session John Epton will be discussing the club’s latest technical acquisition, new radio mics, along with a short clip of a film using them, followed by a look at the pros and cons of conducting a three camera shoot and the process of multi-cam editing.

Some of you my recall my film MEET DEXTER was a three camera shoot but when it came to editing, I did it the old fashioned way of pulling clips from each camera as I saw fit, whilst many editing programmes these days offer the option to use a multi-cam editing function which is not as easy as it seems. I expect John will show us why in his presentation.

In the second part, if there is time, we turn the floor over to you and the films you have requested from our archive. Nominations have been submitted to the Committee and the films have been sourced by our archive keepers, so you’ll just need to join us to find out if your choices made the playlist this time.

If you want to make a request to see a film during a future zoom session or want to take on the role of curator and host then please see this post for details of the requirements.

We’ve also invited a few guests to join us for this session, so if you see any unfamiliar faces pop up then do please be welcoming towards them. Barbara Darby will be sending the links for the meeting out to everyone 24 hours before it begins and again on the day.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you on Tuesday!