2018 has gone quickly hasn’t it? It’s hard to believe we have arrived at the last round of our annual club competition films already!

Offering club members a chance to test their creativity in three separate categories that pay tribute to past club members, this is one of the more unique and interesting challenges in our programme. As ever, the three prizes up for grabs are:


Kath Jones Cup – A joke film with a punchline no longer than 5 minutes in length.

Mike Turner Plate – A film on any subject or style no longer than 60 seconds in length.

Vic Treen Trophy – A film set to music


The rules for each of these can be found HERE which we ask you to adhere to, otherwise the subject matter of your film is entirely in your hands, and you can enter a film for one, two or all three categories.

Last year saw a record 17 entries submitted but with a loss of members and a noticeable drop off in response to projects and the Top Ten means we may not repeat this impressive high this year but we do hope that having three different categories will ensure a healthy selection of films to enjoy.

Now the bit everyone seems to ignore –  if you are bringing a film this week it would be very much appreciated if you could PLEASE REPLY TO THIS POST in the comments/reply section below, letting us know the film’s run time, format (DVD, Blu-ray, USB Stick), and picture ratio (4:3 or 16:9). This is a great help for us when planning the evening out and helping things run smoothly so affording us this courtesy will help get you into Santa’s good books just in time Christmas.

Also, members are reminded to submit their entries to the Annual Competition to Ian Menage at this meeting. The entry forms can be downloaded HERE (this is a Members’ Only page so be sure you are logged in).

Thanks for reading and good luck to all who enter a film/films.


  1. I will bring films. A joke (also under 1 minute) and one to music if they’re ready in time!

  2. Last night saw 15 entries in response to our three competition categories, with three films entered into two categories, so I guess someone as desperate to win! 😛

    Up first was the Kath Jones Cup, which requires a comedy film under five minutes. We opened with a double whammy from Jim Morten-Robertson with “Parking” and “Earrings”, the latter also entered in the next round. Hugh Darrington offered another one of his quirky animations in “The Mystery Of E”, followed by a very brief bout of forgetfulness from Jane Oliver called, erm….oh yes, “When You Cannot Remember”. Closing this round was David Laker’s green screen joke film from earlier this year “Costly Words” (the last two also repeat entrants) and a classic from Colin Jones and Basil Doody, the snooker themed “Final Break”.

    The next round was the Mike Turner Plate, the rule being a film with a 60-second time limit. Colin Jones was back with “Give Me Air” then we had a musical interlude from John Bunce with “Mr. Sandman”. Trevor Rogers broke the rule with his 61-second “1918-2018” war tribute. Finally, Jane Oliver blended past and present with “The Railway Children”.

    Round three was the Vic Treen Trophy for films set to music. Jim Morten-Robertson wasn’t hedging his bets in trying to claim a prize with his third film of the evening “English Country Garden”, before the highlight of the evening, my film “Sparks Will Fly”. Barbara Darby broke from her tradition of making films about Otford by making a film about Otford with “Otford Remembers” while fellow Kemsing Mafia member Jane Oliver shared her unique interpretation of “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” with a little help from the legendary William Shatner. The final film of the evening came from Graham Sinden who took us for a trip through a busy London day to the strains of the Queen and David Bowie classic “Under Pressure”.

    Attending members were asked to rank the top three films in each section and the winners will be announced at the Oscars next March! See you then if you want to know if you are taking a trophy home! 🙂

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