Alright folks it’s time to set another Film To A Theme project challenge for you.

As we get older our memories begin to play tricks with us from forgetting birthdays to forgetting why entered a room. We also forget things we said or have written in the past. As we get older our memories begin to play tricks with us….wait, didn’t I write that already?

See, it’s easy to forget things and there is plenty of comic capital to mined from this but it is not always a pleasant experience either. Forgetting to pick up a birthday cake could ruin someone’s special day, or remembering to collect someone from a train station or from a night out could have saved their life.

Maybe you have a moment in your life that is precious but has become so faded in your mind that you wish you could relive it one more time and get that memory back. or is there a song of film or TV show or actor/actress you are having trouble remembering the name of and need some help?

These are just some suggestions of what you could do but the important thing is you get your thinking caps on, your cameras out and make a film on this topic.

Now, here is the important bit you NEED to remember – the date of the screening for your films is FEBRUARY 5th 2019

Happy filming and we look forward to seeing your efforts in two months time!