OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday November 24th 2015



It’s competition time again when we invite you to submit films for a chance to win one – or all three – of our long standing trophies: The Kath Jones Cup, Mike Turner Plate and Vic Treen trophy.

As you know the respective requirements for these contests are:

A joke film no longer than 5 minutes,

Any type of film which is a maximum of 60 seconds

A film cut to music.

For a full detailed explanation of the rules and requirements please go HERE

Remember you can enter a film for all three competitions, the results of which will be revealed at the Oscars next March. If you are bringing a film or films, please reply to the post below with the details (format, picture ratio, run time) which is a great help in planning the evening time wise. You don’t want us to run out of time and not be able to show your film

Good luck to everyone submitting a film.

5 Replies to “OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday November 24th 2015”

  1. Well, we had more than two films overall, but not an overwhelming difference which is a surprise as these competitions are usually well represented each year.

    Then again some of the entries were also older films so it seems our output is slowing down in general.

    Anyway, enough editorialising here are the films which were entered.

    Barbara Walker’s “Gotcha” was the sole entry for the Kath Jones Cup so I hope Barbara is practising her surprised face for the when she collects this award at the Oscars next year! 😛

    The Vic Treen Trophy saw four entries: “Autumn” from a returning Jane Oliver, “VE + 70” by Bob Wyeth, “Memories Of Costa Rica” from Barbara “cakes” Darby and “Mysteries Revealed” from Andy “Elementary My Dear” Watson.

    Finally the Mike Turner Plate also saw four entires: “Ogre Eating” by John Epton and friends, “the Biter Bit” by Colin Jones, “Lucky” from Barbara Walker and “A Big Bang” courtesy of Bob Wyeth.

    The remainder of the evening was taken up a look at films from the OVFM archive.

    So thank you and good luck to all who entered a film for these three contests. 🙂

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