OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday December 8th 2015



This week’s club meeting affords us the opportunity to watch a selection of films without the pressure of being judged by our peers as we present a look at the output from outside of OVFM.

At the time of writing the list of clubs contributing showreels has yet to be finalised but no doubt the quality will be of the usual high standard we’ve come to expect from our amateur filmmaking brethren. And who knows, maybe we’ll see something to inspire us in trying something new or give us an idea for a film of our own?

And with time permitting, a further discussion about the upcoming display stall for the OVFM Tesco stall has been proposed to take place at this session, so please get your thinking caps on about how we can best represent and promote the club via this prime opportunity to reach a wide range of prospective new members.

Finally entries for the Annual Competition are now being accepted so please download and print off a form from HERE and submit your films and £2 entry fee to Brenda on Tuesday, with the closing date being the first meeting of 2016 on January 5th.

See you then!