We are now ready for the second round of the 2021 Top Ten competition.

In the first round we had five films entered, featuring a drama, travelogue and another local history lesson, and for this second and concluding qualifying round, we are hoping to top that number of entries 

Like last time, we are mindful that many club members still a little hesitant or unable to venture out from their homes during these dark , cold evenings but we do encourage as many of you as possible to attend in person.

You may recall we also tested a new system to allow those not in attendance to participate via the films being uploaded to Vimeo the day after the meeting, and an email sent out with a link tot he films along with a link to the online voting form, or a downloadable version for print or email return. Please remember there is a SEVEN DAY time limit to watch the films and submit your forms, after which the links and access to the films will expire.

If you are submitting or have submitted a film we ask that you bring a back-up version on memory stick in MP4 format just in case any problems arise with playback. The deadline for submitting your film is this Friday November 12th.

We are also expecting a few new faces to attend this meeting so like last time, it would be good if as many club members as possible are present in the Barnard Room to greet them on Tuesday! For those people joining us for the first time reading this post please refer to THIS PAGE for directions to the meeting hall.

If you are due to show a film on this session or didn’t have one in time for the first round, please let David Roman-Holliday know about your entry as soon as possible.

NB: Due to issues with the kitchen at the Barnard Rooms, there will unfortunately be NO REFRESHMENTS available. If attending members require (non-alcoholic) drinks, they are advised to bring their own to the meeting.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing a many of you as possible at the meeting in person on Tuesday evening!


  1. Round two of this year’s Top 10 saw eight films entered and all 8 played perfectly for once!

    First up was John Alford’s “Salvor”, the story of an amateur radio enthusiast answering an SOS from a woman adrift at sea.

    Next was “Superbikes” from John Bunce, which recalled a trip to Brands Hatch in 2008 for a motorbike show, followed by a look at the Bunce familiar history with motorbikes.

    This was followed by “The Prescribed Morning Walk” by Colin Jones, though it was his wife Corie actually doing the walking.

    “Detectorist” was the fourth entry from new club member Thomas McCridland, a brief profile of his father and his optimistic hobby.

    Film number five was “Kingscote South Box – End Of An Era”. It’s a Sam Brown film so you can guess what it was about, but for the uninitiated, Sam captures the last ever day of operation for the titular signal box, which has since been turned into a Starbucks.

    Up next was “Cold Call” by me, providing a little bit of catharsis for anyone pestered by nuisance phone calls.

    Our penultimate film was “A Personal Visit To Waterlilies” courtesy of Ian Menage, in which he and his wife visited some waterlilies. An ambiguous title I know.

    Closing the evening was “Diving Antigua & Barbuda 2021” by competition officer David Roman-Halliday, a look beneath the surface of the waters of this sunny holiday destination.

    Quite a nice variety of films which prompted some interesting constructive discussion (except for someone walking out during my film!) as well as some new faces to the club which is always nice to see.

    The results from both rounds should be up soon once those who are watching and voting online have submitted their forms, after which the ten films heading to the final in January will be announced!

    Stay tuned for that!

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