OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday May 28th 2013



Just as the banner says, this week’s meeting will see a presentation of films from another film making club – this time Southport Movie Makers.

We shall be treated to a selection of films from their showreel and judging by the taster we had of their work back in February (remember “Rent-A-Mate” ?) all signs are pointing to us being in for a fun night.

Also, time permitting I may have a little treat of my own to share with you all as will Mike Shaw, who has threatened to present to us his “unseen” masterpiece Enid, a film about…. well, I guess we will find that out on Tuesday evening!

See you then!

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  1. Last night was….interesting.

    It was a case of Attack of the Technovores as Andy Watson, on his first solo flight with the projecting equipment, was beset with the odd snag and a misbehaving DVD player.

    The first example of this was us getting a repeat screening of “Bringing The House Down” (which we first saw back in February) – a film we were almost destined to see a further three times during the night!

    The Southport Showreel programme got back on schedule with “Night Vision”, a ghost story which eventually was followed by “The Wargame” in which Germans with Scouse accents tormented a Danish family from a similar North Western territory.

    While the previous SNAFU was being addressed we were treated to a labour of love (and stress, sweat and tears) from Mike “I was Clement Freud’s Double” Shaw in the form of “Enid”, a film about the famous author Ms. Blyton whose early life was spent in this part of the world.

    The night ended with the first public screening of my showreel which will be added to this site soon, so watch this space! 😉

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