OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday March 3rd 2015



We kick off the month of March (already? Can you believe it?) by handing over the reigns of the club meeting to one of our long standing members, Jim Morton-Robertson!

Jim, one quarter of the Kemsing Mafia, has been making films for over fifty years – or half a century in old money – thus has accumulated quite a body of work. For our delectation he will be dipping into this extensive catalogue of his to bring us a selection of films he best feels represents the scope of his work.

Beginning with his first ever 8mm shot film from 1962 , Jim will share with us examples of the wide variety of styles he has tackled over the years including animation, comedies and features, while regaling us with tales about their making or the history that surrounds each film.

It’s always fascinating for both the club and the filmmaker themselves to look back over their work so be sure to be present as we delve into Jim’s personal archive on Tuesday!

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  1. Superb evening with Jim, very entertaining and at times extremely moving. One of the best evenings that we have had at ovfm. Congratulations to Jim and to our committee for planning the event. Thank you!

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