OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday June 11th 2013




“The South Shall Rise Again”


Or it will if we can win the annual North vs South competition!


Yes, another yearly tradition is inching its way towards us in the form of the film competition that literally divides the nation (well, us amateur film makers at least). It’s the event that decide who is better at maker films – we refined people of the lower end of the country who speak the Queen’s English and them Oop North wot don’t and who still think it is 1953. *


Last year we came within a flea’s tadger of winning the grand prize after demolishing the other entrants in the Southern heat with David Laker’s Disastermind but it seems the judges at the final weren’t that impressed with our entry as it didn’t even get placed in the final analysis. So we have to course of action we can take:


1) We hunt down the judges and slap them about with a wet fish while playing Justin Beiber songs at full blast on endless loop


2) We make a brilliant film that can’t fail to astound everyone who sees it and is a sure fire winner.


I personally vote for option 1 but sadly OVFM is a democracy so I’ll go with the majority.


If we decide on option 2 then we need to establish a game plan and this is where Tuesday’s club meeting come into play. Our new(ish) chairman Simon “Snapper” Earwicker would like ALL of us (yes, even YOU!) to come prepared with ideas, concepts or even finished scripts if you have them which we shall discuss, dissect and take into consideration for the film or films that we will submit for the competition.


The theme for this year’s film is “Revolution” and you can interpret that anyway you see fit (but keep it clean) while the final product can not exceed a running time of 20 minutes.


We really need to have a strong showing this year as OVFM is hosting the Southern event, so if we lose this one we will have some serious egg on our faces (yuk), so let’s all pull together (I can hear the screams already!) and produce a winning film for 2013!


Also don’t forget that this meeting will open with the EGM. For more on that please read THIS PAGE!


See you on Tuesday!

* Source: Daily Mail