OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday July 9th 2013


The sun has got his hat on, which makes you wonder what the hat is made out of to withstand such scorching heat, and that can mean only one thing: rain is on its way!

But before that, we have the small matter of the OVFM annual garden party (nee barbecue) to get through. This year’s fiasco will be hosted by our treasurer David “Offshore Account” Laker and his good lady wife Carole. Their address can be found on the Members Details page or in the latest issue of the Viewfinder and attendees are asked to arrive at 7:00pm for 7:15pm. Anyone who arrives late will be tarred and feathered.

Dress code is casual but not trashy, while the men are left to their own discretion as to whether they want to a dress or not.

David has made a specific request that no-one park their cars on the grass verge outside his house; helicopters and battleships are permitted but not cars. This is because it will upset the dog owning neighbours as their pets will have nowhere to soil. That’s the official reason – the real reason is David doesn’t want his neighbours knowing that he associates with such riff raff as us!

By now you all should have placed your food order with Freddy and while teas and coffees will be served during the night, you are requested to bring your own drinks if you fancy something a bit fizzier/stronger/drinkable. This also applies to any food for those of you not accommodated by the proposed menu or have a special diet to adhere to. Oh that reminds me – no alcohol either. Right Cherie?

Hands up anyone capable of levitation? Just as I thought, in that case it is worth your while bringing your own chairs to sit on and your own tables for resting your plates, glasses, cutlery, condiments and other relevant items you will also need to bring with you. I never though I’d say this, but this could be the one time of the year where it might be of great benefit to own a caravan – if anything you’ll avoid the long queue for the slop bucket!

The final request our decadent hosts have is for anyone in possession of table tennis paddles to bring them along to the event. Now, we all know David as a man of culture and high brow tastes so it stands to reason he has something refined planned that will make the evening a more enjoyable experience for all. Or maybe this is the night he reveals his kinky side to us all. The only way to find out is to bring your paddle!!

I think that is just about it.

Roll on Tuesday!