OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday July 23rd 2013


This week is the second round of the 2013 Top Ten competition, We had a MASSIVE four entries for the first round, can we top this time?

The club members whose names have been drawn to participate for this session are:


Barbara Walker

David Laker

Bob Wyeth

John Bunce

Jenny Tucker

Mo & Peter Lodge

Tony Faller

Mike Bishop

Barbara J. Darby

John Alford


Please reply to this post if you will be providing a film at this week’s session, along with the running time, picture ratio (16:9 or 4:3) and media format (DVD, Mini DV, etc). This is a tremendous help in planning out the time allotment of the meeting.

If you don’t then have a film ready please let Brenda Wheatley know so that she can try to find someone else to fill the gap in the evening. If your film is ready early please feel free to bring it along to any Top Ten night and if there is time we will show it.

If you miss your given round you can bring your film along to a later one, but it will only be shown after those drawn for that round, if there is time.

The results from the previous round can be found HERE.

Good luck to everyone who enters a film!

7 Replies to “OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday July 23rd 2013”

  1. Last night the second round of the Top Ten saw four films up for appraisal.

    The first film was “The Biggin Hill Story”, a posthumous entry from Derek Allen, which he originally hoped to submit for the first round. The committee decided that we would score the film as per normal but we did not make any comments.

    Up next was a musical curiosity from Bob Wyeth “Around The World” with a cheeky ending!

    John Bunce shared with us footage of his “Garden Visitors” that saw ballet dancing squirrels, frolicking foxes and the all comers Nut Eating Challenge!

    Finally Barbara Walker did her bit to change the numbers in club membership with
    her comedy short “Killer Hand”. Only we’re trying to recruit members not kill them off!

    With some time to kill, Ian Menage shared with us a fascinating DVD from a Bahrain based media company which showed off their SFX skills followed by a short “making of” piece of how they achieved this. So, who wants one of those Coptercams then?

    Thanks to all who entered films and the next round will be in September.

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