OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday January 20th 2015



Another annual tradition here at OVFM is the screening of holiday films where member share with us the highlights of their recent trips either abroad or here on our fair shores. Through their eyes we get to experience the sunny highlights and rainy lowlights from various locations around the world, allowing us to soak up the sights, sounds and  splendour of these far off places (or just off the M4 if that is the case).

Just to remind everyone that there is a FIVE MINUTE time limit on your film so if you have one that runs longer you may want to do some last minute pruning.

We also ask that if you are bringing a film that you please reply to this post in the comment section below, telling us the run time, format and picture ratio of your film. This is of tremendous help to our projectionist in timing the evening should we have a healthy supply of films to show.

Thank you for your co-operation and we look forward to seeing your films on Tuesday!

7 Replies to “OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday January 20th 2015”

  1. I’m bringing
    ‘A taste of China’
    4×3 8mins 30sec
    Sorry I have cut it from 1hr, just cant reduce it anymore.Please feel free to stop it after 5mins if time runs out

    1. Thanks Barbara,

      We will try to indulge those who bring films of longer than 5 minute duration, but as projectionist I reserve the right to cut you of in your prime….! It really depends on how many films we get. You might get lucky!

  2. I believe John Epton intends to bring one and I shall be bringing one also, so we are up to five – That’s the second portion of the evening taken care of. All that is now needed is to fill the first session !!

  3. I intend bringing a 2 minute film: ‘Nutters in Yellowstone’and a 5 minute film ‘Five minutes in Yellowstone’

    I’ll also have one more in case Andy runs out: ‘Another 5 minutes in Yellowstone’

    All on separate DVDs with aspect ratio 4:3

  4. Hi All
    It sounds like we’ve got an entertaining evening ahead of us.
    I look forward to seeing some films from hot and sunny places to warm my chilled bones!

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