OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday February 18th 2014



This week’s club meeting was originally going to feature a talk from a chap named Andrew Bishop who had to pull out, so we are grateful to our very own Colin “Colin” Jones for stepping up to the plate in Andrew’s place.

Colin will be discussing animation, a subject I am sure many of us will be interested in and possibly have had idea of trying ourselves. Colin’s presentation will be a mixture of anecdotes and a film show, starting from his own experiments with the medium for opening credits for his family films. Colin’s son Tim picked up the mantle of becoming the animator in the family, making stop motion animation films, a few of which Colin hopes to share with us. Finally we shall look at the collaborations between Colin and former OVFM member and professional animator Dick Horn, whose work we sampled at the last archive evening in the form of Simple Sisyphus.

I hope you can join us on Tuesday for what promises to be an entertaining and enlightening evening.

Th-th-th-th-th-th-th-th-That’s all folks!!

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  1. An interesting night last night on the subject of animation from Colin “Colin” Jones, who dipped into his personal family archive to share with us examples of what we amateurs can achieve in this fantastic medium.

    The first film was “Intro”,Colin’s earliest attempt at animating the titles for a family film. Next we saw the first of many films from his son Tim entitled “Cycle”, made when he was just 13.

    Exploring a different side of the medium was “Merry Christmas” in which the pictures on Christmas cards were used to tell a festive story, followed by a live action/claymation film from Tim’s student days about a little chap called “Wilf”.

    “Wake Up To Yoga” featured another animation attempt from Colin, this time bringing the Yoga instructions from a book to life.

    The first of two collaborations with former pro-animator turned OVFM member Dick Horn was next – “Uncles”, a cheeky tale of life during WWII for an amiable housewife. This was followed by “One Small Step” a short snappy satire on divine US space travel.

    It was back to Tim Jones for the extraordinary “Butterfly Man”, a dark but engaging stop-motion tale of karma made with plasticine figures. “Tulip” was an experimental film made with designs scratched into the film then it was back to the plasticine for the cautionary eco-tale “Greenhouse”, another marvellously realised outing.

    Rounding off the evening was the abstract assault on the senses that was “Tumour” and a film from the new generation of Joneses called “Dung”.

    Thanks to Colin for a fascinating evening and I hope those of you who were there are now suitably inspired to give it a go yourself! 🙂

  2. A BRILLIANT evening! Thanks Colin.
    The extraordinary imagination displayed in some of the films was really amazing.
    It just goes to show what a great medium animation can be in the hands of someone with real creativity.
    You can construct a world of wonder without evening leaving your house.

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