OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday August 2nd 2011


What Ho fellow OVFMers.

This week’s club meeting will see club members play judge, jury and executioner. Well, maybe no the last one but definitely the first two as we are to step into the shoes of the judges of the British International Amateur Film Festival (BIAFF) as organised by the IAC (Indecent Acrobats Consortium).

We will see a selection of films, carefully chosen by Lady Annabelle of Lancaster, which have been already judged at the BIAFF then our results will be compared to those of the BIAFF judges. But here’s the kicker: the BIAFF judges are usually made up of three groups of three so in order to replicate this, those present at the meeting *may* be asked to form a group (either a trio or quartet depending on the numbers) meaning each rating given for each film will have to be a group decision!! In other words, some of us – including your truly – will have to interact with other people for once!! Aarrrrghhh!

Anyway, it should be an interesting night with what I am assured is a great line up of films (although Annabelle is keeping the titles to herself) and hopefully prove to be a fun and provocative experiment.

See you there!

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  1. BIAFF films do come in all shapes, sizes and languages!! Fascinating to see how we compare with the elite judges (or at least those who are willing to spend a whole weekend judging films, with only meal breaks)

  2. That was quite a fun night, wasn’t it folks?

    After the chaotic reassembling of the seating arrangements to ensure we all sat in groups of four (or five in some cases) we were treated to six films:

    GAMBIT – A 60 second display of the skills of a card magician

    DANCING IN THE AIR – On her 80th birthday a lonely woman reflects back on her youth

    CANON ROCK – A rock guitar version of Pachelbel’s classic “Canon in D Major” accompanied by cleverly edited images

    ALICE – On the day of her retirement, housemaid Alice looks back on her time in the employ of a rich family.

    BRANDON LEWIS – A lesson in how not to catch a rat!

    DROPPING OFF – A man is about to end it all but could a cheeky passer by be his saviour?

    The exercise was to see if the ratings awarded by OVFM members would match those awarded by the judges of the BIAFF. Quite often the synergy between our ratings and the BIAFF’s was not unanimous (or unilateral)*

    Overall I think we all enjoyed the evening and thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Reg for hosting it!

    * If you don’t get this reference then you should have been at the meeting!!

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