OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday August 14th 2012



Kicking off the month of August for OVFM is another project evening, this time “Up My Street”, the details of which can be found HERE

Project evenings are often the most fun to see how a certain theme or concept is interpreted by our filmmakers and often produces an evening of great variety and creativity.

I’m sure many of you have found inspiration or something of fascination to share with us based around this ambiguous but hopefully fertile concept and as always we look forward to seeing the fruits of your labours. If you will be bringing a film please reply to this post below to let us know as it is a great help to our resident projectionist Simon “Snapper” Earwicker to have an idea of how to best allot the time.

See you all on Tuesday!

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  1. Hi Simon, Just to let you know that we hope to have a film ready for Tuesday. Mike & Jo

  2. HI there
    I have a film prepared for tomorrow nights ‘up my street’project evening It is 3.5 mins.

  3. Last night saw seven films screened as a part of this project with three bonus films from the OVFM Archive loosely connected to the theme of “streets”.

    First up was “De La Warr Parade – Then And Now” from Mike & Jo Coad, a comparative look at Bexhill’s most famous landmark across the years.

    Next up was Bob “Bob” Wyeth’s account of the day the Olympic Torch came to his neck of the woods, as did the rain and cold, then Jane Oliver asked “Lost? Confused? Join The Club!” about how one road in Sevenoaks can have so many names.

    Chris “Cats” Coulson shared with us the best kept secret up his street, meaning it is no longer as secret while John and Ann Epton reminded us that charity begins at home – although in this case it was someone else’s home…

    Earlier this year the country celebrated the fact that an old woman has been in the same job for 60 years and Barbara “Cakes” Darby was on hand to film one of these celebrations in her neighbourhood, before Colin Jones took us back to 1974 for a look at a “Suburban Saturday” in his native Petts Wood.

    Andy “Dr” Watson then opened up the OVFM archives for some more treats from yesteryear kicking of with a bit of social commentary from Anna Littler in “Street Child” from 2009 followed by Basil Doody’s account of a “Sunday Down The Lane” from 1986, recalling the heady days of a communal street market where toy dolls cost less than £5…..

    The final film of the evening was a former N vs S winner! This 20 minute comedy piece entitled “The Job” from 1990 was a club effort but directed by Reg “Bomber” Lancaster. It depicts a young lad unable to find work and the various perils of following in his jailbird father’s footsteps.

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