OVFM Club Meeting October 14th 2014


It is as if I’ve blinked and missed it because we are already at the final qualifying round of this year’s  Top Ten competition! Where did the time go?

After round four only pulled just three entries (the results from that round can be found HERE) can we brace ourselves for the usual last minute rush to get a film into the competition? The best way to find out is to come to the club meeting next Tuesday evening.

Selected to enter films for this round are:

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Annabelle Lancaster

Mike Graham

Leo Staggs

David Laker

Pamela Webb

Ian Menage

Barbara J. Darby
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Remember, if  your missed your designated round now is your FINAL chance to get your film entered into the competition.  If you can’t provide a film then be sure to either REPLY TO THIS POST below saying so or let Brenda know ahead of time – conversely if you DO have a film ready early, please bring it along as chances are it will be welcomed for screening time permitting. This is also applicable to new members and recent joinees who wish to share their work with us or throw their hat in the ring.

And if you are bringing a film this week then PLEASE reply to this post in the comments/reply section below, letting us know the film’s run time, format (DVD, Mini DV) and picture ratio (4:3 or 16:9). This is a great help for us when planning the evening out and if you could accommodate us on this it is greatly appreciated.

Good luck to everyone who enters a film.

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  1. I expect to have a film. I know I missed my round, but as I am the projectionist…….! It’s only 1 min 30 anyway

  2. Pat has contacted me saying that she has a film, and I think that Reg & Annabelle have a film ready.

  3. And so we come to the end of the qualifying rounds for this year’s Top Ten competition, although it is with something of whimper as we had just five films to close this part of the contest.

    But as they say, it is quality not quantity that counts.

    First off came “Steaming Back To Metroland” from Sam “Choo Choo” Brown, a film, as you might suspect, about submarines! 😛

    Next was the epic “Ski Sunday” from Andy (Elementary My Dear) Watson, who presented us with the expletive free version (If you weren’t at the club you won’t get that reference!).

    Jim Morton-Robinson did his bit to turn us all vegetarian with his film “Sue’s Sheep” which also gave us a clear indication of how evil the females of the club, finding much mirth in the castration scenes (I’m still wincing at that!).

    Reg “Bomber” Lancaster then took us away for a “Lakeside Weekend” with his family (thankfully for them, not the Thurrock based shopping centre) before Pat Palmer closed the evening with her nautical entry “Ship’s Ahoy”.

    So the films have all now been screened, the votes will be tallied soon and the final ten will be screened again in January 2015! From there the winner will be announced at the Oscars in March.

    Join us then to see who will be victorious! 🙂

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