OVFM Club Meeting November 11th 2014



The nights are getting darker and colder which means another annual OVFM tradition must be around the corner and surprise surprise it is!

This week’s club meeting will see three of our long standing annual competitions – The Mike Turner Plate, The Kath Jones Cup and The Vic Treen Trophy – being contested and with the criteria for the film being largely being short side we are hoping for the usual healthy response from our club members.

A quick reminder of what is expected for each contest:


The Mike Turner Plate is open to films with a maximum running time of one minute (or 60 seconds for those of you still on dial-up) on any subject, style or genre.

The Vic Treen Trophy is a film set to music. Please consult THIS PAGE for the specifications required for this particular contest.

The Kath Jones Cup requires a comedy film of no longer than five minutes that has a definitive punchline to it; in other words a short comic sketch if you will.


Each film shown will then be scored by the club members with their top three personal favourites ranked in order of preference in their respective categories on the night with the winners to be announced at the Oscars next year.

PLEASE reply to this post below if you will be providing a film for any or all of the competitions (you are not limited to just one, you can enter all of them if you so desire), along with the running time, picture ratio (16:9 or 4:3) and media format (DVD, Mini DV, etc) as well as which competition it applies to. This is a tremendous help in planning out the time allotment of the meeting.

Good luck to all who enter their film(s)!!

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  1. We will be submitting 2 films for the Vic Treen comp. Both are 16:9 DVDs and both under 4 minutes.

  2. We will be entering two films in the Vic Treen Comp. Both are on Mini DV, both are 3 minutes running time and both are 16:9.

  3. Well it was quite the response to this year’s competitions with a total of 16 films entered across the three rounds.

    Kicking off with the Mike Turner Plate we had Colin Jones submitting a film for a friend entitled “Help Line”, which was followed by the results of our recent Stop Motion evening courtesy of Mike “I Was Clement Freud’s Double” Shaw.

    Next Simon “Snapper” Earwicker showed us his “Haunted Desk” before Pat Palmer shared a poignant and timely film about “Remembering”.

    The Kath Jones Cup opened with David “Offshore Account” Laker’s “Project Silent” film followed by a witty short from John Bunce entitled “Par For The Course”. Barbara “Cakes” Darby’s “A Fine Romance” was up next , although crediting it just to her is a bit “shellfish”… 😛 This round closed with Hugh Darrington’s “Bad News For Mrs. Smudge”.

    For the Vic Treen Cup the first film was a music video “The Gang Broke Up” via John & Ann Epton with a second film from Hugh entitled “I Think I Am A Rabbit”. The first of two films from Mike & Jo Coad “Wild Fowl Waltz” was next before the Eptons returned with “High Street” Fun”.

    Mike Shaw exercised some intense patience while “Building The Dream Boat” before Barbara Darby reminisced over “Our Memorable Trip To London”.

    The Coads returned with “Shades Of Autumn” then The Eptons completed their domination of this round with “Green Screen Seen”.

    The votes were cast and the winning entries will be revealed at the Oscars next year!

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