OVFM Club Meeting January 3rd 2012


Hello and Happy New Year to you all!

I trust you’ve all managed to remain relatively unscathed by the Yuletide celebrations but that is now in the past and here at OVFM it’s business as usual. And what better way to kick of the new year than by finishing up last year’s Top 10 competition.

It’s been a hard fought contest, the likes we have not seen since John Prescott and Eric Pickles both spotted the last roast chicken in the House of Commons canteen. The ten films we will see again during this week’s meeting scored the highest points by you, the OVFM faithful, during the qualifying rounds. We have an eclectic mix of films all vying for the esteemed pole position, which has been claimed by such club luminaries as Mike Shaw, a Barbara Darby, Hugh Darrington and (surprise surprise) Reg Lancaster (whose only remaining contest he has yet to win is Miss OVFM although I believe he is making a concerted effort this year!). The full list of winners can be found HERE.

To keep things interesting for us (or maybe an act of pure sadism) our resident competition organiser Brenda Wheatley will not be releasing the competing film titles beforehand  – although the finalists themselves have been notified to give them a chance to fix any issues raised during the feedback sessions at the first screening (although I can confirm that at least one finalist wasn’t able to amened my…er, his film so you’ll have to make do with the original version warts and all and be done with it).

Also this meeting is the last date for submitting your entry forms to the Annual Competition. More details, including a downloadable entry form, are now up HERE.

Good luck to the ten finalists and see you all on Tuesday!

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  1. And so the Top 10 final round did take place and here is the run down of the ten films that made the final grade (in order of screening – to the best of my recollection at least):

    1. “The Miracle” by Lee Relph

    2. “Connoisseur” by Barbara Walker

    3. “Engine Turning” by Barbara Darby v 1.0

    4. “Chatsworth” by Susan Ward

    5. “Picture, picture on the wall” By Mike Shaw

    6. “Bells Down” by Harold Trill

    7. “To Italy by Gondola” by Andy Watson

    8. “Survivor’s Leave” by Simon Earwicker

    9. “The Garden Shed” by John Bunce

    10. “Why are Icebergs Blue” by David Laker

    Which one will be crowned Top 10 winner? You’ll have to wait until the Oscars in March to find out!!

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