OVFM Club Meeting December 6th 2011



A Look Into The Archives


Andy Watson


For our final “regular” club meeting of 2011, the curator of the OVFM archives, Andy “Del Boy” Watson, will be our guide on a tour of the club’s cinematic history!

The evening will comprise of a brief introduction for our new members and an update on how the compiling of the archive is coming along (which members can find in the Member Only section). Andy will then share with us some of the films in our vaults which have a special meaning for him then will open the floor to YOU!! By now you should have received an e-mail from Andy asking you for any requests you may have for a particular film you wish to see again or one which has caught your eye in the list that you might wish to take a gander at.

If you want to make a request then please e-mail Andy HERE but please remember that if your choice of film lasts over ten minutes then only a part will be should there be a shortage of time. Requests should be in by Monday at the latest since Andy has to source the film before Tuesday evening.

This should be an interesting night for us newbies and a nostalgic treat for our long time members. See you then!

P.S – A bonus point to anyone who can name the legendary filmmaker in the picture! πŸ˜‰

13 Replies to “OVFM Club Meeting December 6th 2011”

  1. Got it in 0ne, Andy.
    I had hair in those days and the clue to the clever things one could do with film is that I have apparently spliced a piece of Super 8 onto a piece of exposed 16mm. I am a bit mystifed, which is why I am trying to look through the black bit, not having noticed that the exposed pictures are on the other end. Ah well, the innocence of youth…. Reg

  2. WOW! That’s what I call a highbrow competition! Congrats to Craig for getting the answer right, and to Lee for the idea.

  3. Still, took me a little while to find him. I knew that the picture was familiar, but like my Cecil B. suggestion, I’ve usually seen pictures of him later in life when his hair has grown even longer – the similar name is not the only thing he has in common Einstein πŸ˜‰

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