OVFM Club Meeting December 20th 2011


“So here it is Merry Christmas…”

It’s that time of year again when the decorations go up, carols are sung, the stars shine bright in the cold, winter night sky and all the little girls and boys pray that they’ve been good enough over the past twelve months to warrant a nice surprise from Santa. We here at OVFM, however, have to make do with being squashed together in the Garden Room at St. Augustine’s Church for the annual Christmas Social!

Last year’s meeting was called off at the last minute due to the unseasonable arrival of heavy snow (which didn’t bother me as I was laid out with flu anyway). Will this year’s event suffer the same fate? Find out on Tuesday December 20th.

This is actually my first Christmas Social so I’m wondering what to expect from this festive gathering. I’ve heard tell of some very debauched and decadent happenings at previous events some of which I am hesitant to repeat here for sake of common decency and to protect the names of the innocent. The less innocent, of course (you know who you are), are asked to be on their best behaviour this year and as a precautionary measure I understand there will be an adult on the premises to supervise the evening.

So, dust off your gladrags and get your party hats for the social event of the year. Or you can join the rest of us at the Garden Rooms….

Merry Christmas!!

2 Replies to “OVFM Club Meeting December 20th 2011”

  1. ‘Twas a fun night overall so if you missed it – yah boo sucks to you! 😛

    My personal thanks to those who gave me Christmas cards and to Mike Turner, Cherie and the rest of their musical/comedy troupe and Brenda for the quiz (which the team I was one came top in two of the three rounds)!

    Once again Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2012 to one and all! 😀

  2. So sorry to have missed it but a really dreadful lurgi left me with no voice at all (no comments from the back row please). Still sound a bit squeaky but do hope to see you all in the New Year. Thanks too,to all who sent cards.

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