NvS – Disastermind – The Shoot!


Disastermind – The Shoot!


Over a three day period in September and October, the filming of OVFM’s winning entry into the 2012 North vs South competition took place at the Garden Rooms, at St Augustines. The film in question was David Laker’s Disastermind.

The following pictures – with the exception of the first one – were taken at the final night of shooting on Wednesday October 17th and come courtesy of Alan “No, you can’t call me Al” Smith:

James Neary (left) as Norman Brown and Sean Chapman (right) as the Question Master.


“Shouldn’t we be sitting facing the screen?”


Hugh: “And I’m missing Corrie for this!”


Simon “Snapper” Earwicker and his “the tables have been turned” smile…


Chris was the first to notice that Big Dave from Shooters Hill had paid an unexpected visit!


Simon: “At least I won’t get snapped again by…Oh bugger!”


Hugh: “8…9…10! Right, Coming ready or not!”


Chris: “This will teach Jane to laugh at my beard!”


Jane: “There seems to be something wrong with my aperture setting”


Hugh: “I said you can play musical chairs AFTER we’ve finished shooting!”


Thanks again to Alan Smith for the photos (and to the mystery supplier of the first one – please speak out if this is you) and to everyone who took part in the shooting of “Disastermind”.

8 Replies to “NvS – Disastermind – The Shoot!”

  1. Nice job with the photos Alan…especially that one of the deranged fella with the grin!

    Would everybody please only give him decaffeinated tea in future!

    Also big accolades to the team who made ‘Disastermind’, great directing (Hugh), producing (David), editing (Andy), filming (Chris, Jane, Mike et al), sound (Sam) and acting (far to numerous to mention).

    What a star team!

      1. Oh yes, and a very, very, very BIG show of appreciation to the putter-upper of the curtains…Lee you’re a star, they’d never have been able to do it without you!

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