NTRIAC Online Competition 2016



Another new film competition for IAC members (and non-IAC members) for the South has been created by Tim Stannard & Alan Colgrave but this one is slightly different.

Instead of having to burn a disc buy a jiffy bag then toddle off to the post office to buy the correct stamps in order to send it, this is one competition you can enter from the safety of your own home! As the legend above says, this is an online competition where you films are submitted by uploading them to YouTube, Vimeo, et al. and all you need to do is supply a link.

The is a very small entry fee involved for both IAC and non-IAC members which is easily payable through PayPal and such, making this one of the easier competitions to participate in. The closing date is November 30th 2106.

All the information, including how to submit your film, can be found on the official site HERE

If you wish to enter but don’t have anywhere to upload your video there is an OVFM YouTube account. Please speak to Vice Chairman Sam Brown to request the log in details and any other assistance in uploading your videos to YouTube.

With this being the inaugural run of this competition it would be great if we could encourage as much interest as possible for Tim and Alan which perhaps will be the start of a new annual tradition among our Southern circuit of amateur filmmakers.

Thanks for reading and good luck to all who enter on behalf of OVFM!