North vs South Comp 2011 – Southern Heat Report


North vs South Film Competition 2011

Southern Heat Report


Mike Coad


The Southern Heat of the North v South Competition took place on Sunday 27th November at Farnborough Village Hall in Farnborough, Kent.

There were only 14 films entered this year compared to the 29 we had last year but as it is our policy to show all of the films that are entered, at least those who attended got home before midnight.

We were very pleased to see several entries from clubs who had not entered the competition before and hope they will continue to enter in future years.

The fact that nine of the 14 entries were from clubs considerably distant from Farnborough and as far apart as Devon and Derby meant inevitably that they wouldn’t be represented in person. However, we were delighted that Jill Lampert from Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers, who also had an entry in, could join us for the show. In all, 65 people attended which is just slightly up on last year’s Southern Heat.

Our judges were Luton Movie Makers who did a thorough and professional job and we are very grateful for their help.

Following the showing of the films, the audience were once again asked to try and match the judge’s decision.


Audience Vote

1st               Who Do You Love?                Leicester Movie Makers

2nd              Taking A Hit                           Spring Park Movie Makers

3rd               Building A Website                Tiverton Camcorder Club

4th               Fleece To Coat                       Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers

5th               On The Map                           Gosport & Fareham Camcorder Club


Official Result

1st               Who Do You Love?                Leicester Movie Makers

2nd              Not His Type                          Surrey Border Film & Video Makers

3rd               Fleece to Coat                        Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers

4th               On The Map                           Gosport & Fareham Camcorder Club

5th               The Au Pair                             Nuneaton Moviemakers


Needless to say, nobody in the audience matched the judge’s decision but Norma Classen (a first time attendee) was closest and took the ‘Audience Vote’ prize. She also won a major prize in the raffle so it was obviously her lucky day.

Congratulations to all the Southern Heat winners especially Leicester Movie Makers who topped both the judges and audiences selection.

The Grand Final will be held on Sunday 27th January 2012 when it is hoped the South can win back the John Wright Trophy after 5 years in the wilderness of the North.

For more information on the North vs South Annual competition visit the official website HERE

Mike Coad