NEXT OVFM CLUB MEETING – Tuesday August 27th


Okay folks we are ready for the second round of the TOP TEN 2019 competition!

The first round was rather interesting as the turnout of just 15 people and eight entries meant there were fewer options for choosing people to make comments. Hopefully, this time will be different.

For those of you absent last time, the scoring sheet has also undergone a change for this year, which you can read and download HERE.

Here are the club members who have been selected at random to participate in this second round:


Jane Oliver

Jim and Fran Morton-Robertson

John Alford

Ann and John Epton

Mike Shaw

Peter Mitchell

Charley Caseley

Sam Brown

Barbara J. Darby

Colin Jones

Matt Swaby

William Child

Bob Vine

Kuldip Kaur

Barbara Walker

David Laker

Reg and Annabelle Lancaster

Horace Chan


Remember if you missed the last round then now is the time to enter your film.

As always we ask you to PLEASE reply to this post in the comments below, if you have a film ready. This was proven to be vital as at the last meeting we ended up running out of time to show all the films. If this occurs again, we may need to add a third round to ensure everybody’s films are shown.

So do please respond below by letting us know the following important information :


Run time

Disk Format (DVD, Blu-ray, USB stick)

Picture ratio (4:3 or 16:9).


It’s a simple courtesy we are asking of you and it only takes a few seconds to comply.

Just a reminder if you are bringing a file on a USB stick, the club’s Blu-ray player does NOT play .avi files or anything encoded at 4K or above. MP4 (h.264 codec) is the best format to brings your films in.

And that is it. Join us on Tuesday for the second round of the 2019 Top Ten!

Thank you for reading and good luck to everyone who enters a film!

25 Replies to “NEXT OVFM CLUB MEETING – Tuesday August 27th”

  1. I’ve still not managed to sort my life out and remembered how to switch on my camera which is covered in dust; so no film from me this year. Next year I’m hoping for better times.


  2. Lee
    We will bring a film about “The Making of Ogre Eating”. It runs for 9m 30s in 16:9 format on a memory stick as an .mp4 File.
    We will also bring the film on a DVD, just in case!
    John and Ann

  3. John Bunce has sent me a DVD with his entry “Multi Tracking” 4 mins 57 sec 16:9

    and one of our newest members Horace Chan is bringing a film that is 17 mins long but no format listed other than “HD” so I am assuming it’s on a USB/flashdrive.

  4. Let’s hope so but we’ll have to wait and see owing to the running time of those shown.

  5. For possibly the first time every one of the films brought to the meeting last night had been declared on this site beforehand, meaning we were able to get all the films in and have time for a chat too.

    Unfortunately, Jim Morton-Robertson’s film was so mighty our poor Blu-ray player couldn’t handle it so we are giving Jim a chance to fix his film ahead of a second chance screening at a future available date.

    Kicking off the evening proper was “Bus Stop” by Hugh Darrington, which was filmed at a our most recent green screen evening a few months back. Next was an entry from one of our new members Horace Chan, who shared with us his drama “Looking Glass”. Horace is bringing an exciting new perspective to our club which we hope we can not only help nurture but capitalise on in future film competitions!

    Barbara Walker’s entry was another of her trademark short comedies with “Best Friends” with a… ahem.. “killer “punchline, then absent friend John Bunce is still able to make a film despite his poor-health, giving us a quick lesson in “Multi Tracking” whilst showing off his musical skills.

    More behind the scenes explanations came from John and Ann Epton with “Making Of ‘Ogre Eater’ “, sharing with us the secrets behind this short 3D animated project featuring demonic corn flakes. Finally, Jane Oliver’s “Braveheart” about a legendary train, closed the evening.

    Jim’s film pending, this is the Top Ten for 2019, though if the rest of you have a last minute flash of inspiration and want to put something together maybe the Committee might agree to a “last chance” evening otherwise we have 15 films vying to be the Top ten winner of 2019!

    Thanks to everyone who submitted a film! 🙂

  6. Thanks Lee for providing a precis of the evening so quickly. The Committee has agreed that 22nd October will be available to anyone who didn’t get the chance to put in a film in the first Top Ten rounds. Some were away for the first two top ten rounds and Mandy Carr and James Morton Robertson will enter theirs on that day. Any time left will be spent on the ‘question and answer’ session that was scheduled to take place on that evening.

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