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Hopefully you’ve all had a chance to download the footage supplied by Sam Brown for this editing project we first announced last month and have been working away in taking these random clips and making a coherent film out of them. Admittedly, they seem like they don’t have any potential at first (Sorry Sam) but once you go through them all, I am sure you will some inspiration from at least one of the clips as a starting, just as I did.

Tonight is the night that we get to see what you have achieved for this project, and if we’ve learned anything about our club members it is that we always give any challenge a go no matter how vague the subject or source material is. We at OVFM pride ourselves in our creativity and we hope to see an example of this on Tuesday night at the screening of the films for this project.

As usual we ask a little cooperation from everyone bringing a film to the meeting to PLEASE REPLY TO THIS POST in the comments/reply section below, letting us know the film’s run time, media format (DVD, Blu-ray, USB/Memory stick), file format if using the latter (MP4, MKV, AVI, etc.) and picture ratio (4:3 or 16:9). This is a great help for us when planning the evening out and helping things run smoothly so if you could do us this courtesy it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing your films on Tuesday!

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  1. My ‘make sense of this’ theme is complete and runs for just over 3 minutes. I will bring it along on 23rd. Jane

  2. That’s good. I know some members feel the footage is too limiting for them to make any sense of, but those with imagination should come up with something and I’m sure that you will find a way to make us smile!

    1. I was the same. I saw nothing in the first few clips then one just suddenly set something off in me and well, you’ll see for yourself next Tuesday (If i get it finished in time)! 😛

  3. Yes, I know what you mean Lee. We see nothing at first, then all of sudden something just pops out from nowhere and we’re on a roll.

  4. My film is finally complete. It’s called “The Watcher” and is 2:21, 16:9 and I’ll be bringing it on an USB drive in 1080HD and 720HD (as a back-up, as the 1080 HD version kept playing up on my dad’s Blu-ray player but worked fine on everything else I tried it on).

  5. I have two to this theme. To comply with the requirements; I have made them into one film for the purpose of this evening.

    “Nuts Bolts and Engineers” runs for almost 6 minutes and has 3 secs of black at the front and another 3 seconds between the two films, that will run as one film.

    stereo sound
    USB stick

    The title of each individual film will be displayed within the film
    1. “Nuts & Bolts” 2:14 minutes
    2. “The Unsung Engineer” 3:44 minutes

  6. Sorry I’m a bit late
    I have manage a film just under 3 mins.-‘ Looking for Inspiration’
    I also have one I made a few years ago all about Ironbridge 8mins,only use it if you need to fill a space

  7. I have a film for the the 7th May meeting but as I will be on holiday I would like toi show it tonight if possible runs for just over 8 minutes

  8. We had five (six?) responses to this project challenge to make something of the footage shot by Sam Brown.

    First up was a very short but amusing entry from John Bunce (despite having just come out of hospital!), which was followed by a mini-documentary about “Ironbridge” (here the footage was shot) from Jim Morton-Robertson.

    Our chair Jane Oliver provided two films in one (hence the earlier query) – “Nuts & Bolts” and “Unsung Engineer”, two different approaches to the subject at hand. The Kemsing Mafia triumvirate was competed with “Looking For Inspiration” from Barbara Darby who despite her concerns, found it in this footage.

    Closing this part of the evening was my latest masterpiece “The Watcher” which I hope didn’t spook too many people out!

    To round off the session, Andy Watson shared a film he would have brought to the next “Anything Goes” meeting had he not felt going away on holiday was a preferable option, sharing with us the “Eclipse Trans Atlantic 2016 Choir”, basically a group of people warbling away on a big boat.

    Finally, Hugh Darrington pirated an old BBC TV show about Eynsford featuring archive footage shot from before the war to share with us. At least it wasn’t “Avengers Endgame” he pirated! 😛

    1. Hey Lee,
      This was an amateur film shot by an Eynsford farmer, which itself had been pirated by the BBC.

  9. Thanks Lee for this article expounding the content of our ‘make sense of this’ evening. It was good to see such a variety of interpretation and the use of special effects in a few of them. Pushing boundaries shows us what is possible and may lead to others less confident at having a go.

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