New OVFM Project -Something I’ve Always Wanted To Do

At the club meeting on Tuesday night (August 16th) our beloved/beleaguered/bedevilled (delete where applicable) chairman Chris Coulson announced a new club project: “Something I’ve Always Wanted To Do!”.

The idea is that you capture on film something you”ve always wanted to do (see what he did there?) then bring it in and share it with the rest of the club. The film is to be no longer than ten minutes and obviously must be kept clean (Cherie, I”m looking at you!)

The closing date (i.e: the date the films will be screened) is Tuesday September 27th, which gives you about six weeks to pop your cherry on whatever activity it is that has kept you interested but afraid to try until now. And don”t forget, if you have trouble putting something together your fellow club members are only a phone call or e-mail away!

Look forward to seeing the results next month.

Now, where did I put that tutu?