OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday August 16th 2011


Greetings once again and this week’s meeting is round three of the annual Top Ten competition.

So far it is fair to say that the competition has got off to a bit of a slow start with just seven films submitted out of a potential twenty over the two previous rounds. Will this week see a reversal of fortune? Here are the club members whose names have been drawn for this round:


Len Lawrence

Colin Jones

Bob Wyeth

Mike Shaw

Tony Faller

Malcolm Goodwin

Frank Hyde

Peter & Maureen Lodge

Basil Doody

Marko Ristic-Smith

Val Pinkerton

Peggy Parmenter

John Ransley

Jeannie Jarnot


Remember please reply to this post to let us know whether you will or won’t be providing a film and even if you are not on the list and have a film ready then please bring it along anyway.


See you on Tuesday!

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  1. The contest rolls along with just three more entries submitted last night. They were:

    Switzerland by Bob Wyeth – A trip through the Swiss mountains via train

    A Pearl In The Med by John Ransley – John’s debut film about Cyprus.

    Picture Picture On The Wall by Mike Shaw – Need I say any more?

    Brenda will no doubt have the results for us in the next few weeks so check back on this site for them.

    The next round is on September 13th.

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