New OVFM Project Extra



We have another project for you all but this time it comes with a twist it is an editing exercise only!

Usually a theme is chosen and club members are expected to conceive and create a film in any style or genre to accommodate that theme but the difference here is that half the work has been already been done for you. Our Vice-Chairman Sam “Choo-Choo” Brown has been out and about shooting some random footage which will now be passed on to everyone to then edit and create their own film using this “stock footage” if you will.

There are a few rules that need to be adhered to.


You CAN:

create your own titles

add your own music

use sound effects

use any visual effects

alter the speed of the film

use an audio commentary



add any extra footage


The deadline for this project is the club meeting on Tuesday May 10th and you can request a DVD copy of the footage from Ian Menage who will be distributing the first batch of discs at the next club meeting this coming Tuesday (March 29th).

We hope that as many club members as possible will participate in this project and that the end results will provide an interesting an varied response on the evening, in terms of how the different creative minds in the club will interpret and utilise the footage. The key objective is that we expect a different film each time but wouldn’t it be curious if two people had the same idea?

Only one way to find out and that is to join us on May 10th. Until then good luck to everyone who takes up this fascinating challenge!