MindSphere – a long term project now casting and crewing

MindSphere - a long term project now casting and crewing.

Originally written over twenty years ago, the MindSphere storyline and universe went on to be a role-playing game universe with an RPG club in South London. In 2000, a script was written with the intent of filming it, but for various reasons – not least of which was the release of a major feature film which was a little too close for comfort – nothing ever became of it and it has sat, wanting attention ever since.

Now however, with my current education coming to a close until next year, it seems an opportune time to start winding it up into motion again. You can read more about what it covers and what I’m doing with it over on The Video Players, where I’m advertising the casting and crewing opportunities, but the summary is as follows:

In the 30th century, The MindSphere Project is hopefully mankind’s answer to a serious man-made disaster which threatens to make the human race extinct. Jonethen M. (no spelling mistake, remember that things have moved on in ten centuries) returns to the MindSphere project with news which should be jubilant but instead, coupled with rumours and circumstances, results in him feeling that something sinister is on its way.

Intended to be filmed with little to

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no budget as a specific exercise (more on that in the proper description, and if people ask), it will also be filmed totally digitally, on green/blue screen with digital sets (a great advantage is that my involvement with the digital arts department from next academic

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year should get me access to a full greenroom), and laden with CGI (the Bruja digital locker-room set above, while not from MindSphere, came from an original MindSphere concept design). To offset budget, it will be filmed / produced over the course of two years with live-action filming expected to be in the first half of next year after pre-production and attachment of cast and crew.

And that’s what is being advertised here – cast and crew.

If anyone wants to be involved in the production, no matter how small, from DoP to microphone boom statuette, then please drop me a line (preferably through The Video Players, to try and show the actors that it’s actually for real, but no problems in any other way). I’m looking at organising a small meeting of people involved over the summer to take a look at the vision. Anyone seriously interested, I’ll pass on the current state of the script for perusal.

Cheers, Craig.

6 Replies to “MindSphere – a long term project now casting and crewing”

  1. Hello there Craig, my name is Terry I’m 20 years old and I am from West London. I am intrigued by the project and I would like to be on board, I am not so much experienced in the educational side of film making. I just love film and i would like to help out as a crew member, i am keen to learn as much as i can about film making. In any case i think i can be a strong member of the team. I left my e-mail with this message so hopefully i will hear from you soon.
    All the best,
    Terry Volpe

  2. Hi Terry – thanks for the interest. Unfortunately, any email that you put into your post has been stripped.

    Can you sign-up to The Video Players? – Probably best not putting your email details in a publicly accessible post. It’s on the TVP forum that I’d give you access to the script and other materials in any case, as well as discuss concepts and ideas that are put forward.

    1. No worries i’ll do that now. I like the concept, i can’t wait to read the script.
      Thanks again Craig

  3. Hello again Craig, look man i signed up to the video players and i been waiting like 3 days now for them to send an e-mail of confirmation. May as well just drop my e-mail here dude make it easy> livingroom11@hotmail.co.uk
    So write me back on that if you’d like, maybe you can send me the script/ project by e-mail too that would be cool!

    1. Terry, you need to respond to the account registration email to get it activated, but as I saw your account creation in anycase, I authorised your account about 4 mins. after your registered. Just try logging in.

      1. Okay I’m in, its just that i got no e-mail from’the video players’ to confirm that was all

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