I Wished The Long Hot Night Goodbye…

…And pushed the thick air away like it was a limp, damp blanket heavy on my skin. I downed the last dregs of my drink, there was no ice in the glass, the ice had long since gone south along with the air con and my last clean shirt. Marlowe get off your sorry butt, it’s Tuesday the 16th July and there’s work to be done. I flung the unfinished Sudoku onto the desk, that was one puzzle I wouldn’t crack, and peeled myself off the leather seat. The effort made me sweat. Summer in the city you had to love it !

The tyres squealed in protest on the sticky blacktop as I stuck the old Ford in drive and cruised uptown. The streets were empty, nobody but a fool PI would be out in heat like this, so I chewed a little on what the night ahead might bring, maybe I’d see the dame, the redhead in that red dress. I checked the glove box for my 45, Dancing Queen by Abba, a little scratched but still servicable, it would do if things got lively.

I swung the car into the lot. A big beemer squatted out front. The engine smelt hot, somebody had gunned this Bavarian beast without mercy. They had to be plumb crazy or desperately short of time, or maybe a little of both. I set my hat brim low and wrestled my way into the joint.

It struck me hard. Something was wrong. My nose itched. I looked around, once, quickly. I took it all in. You could cut the hopelessness with a knife, the sort of knife you’d give a kindergarten kid. There’d been a happening here, that much was obvious, but now it was quiet…too quiet, the lull before the storm you might say. I tapped my jacket for my hip flask and took a swig. The nip felt good, comforting. I was ready now…

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So anyway the gist is it’s film shoot night for ‘Power Corrupts’, one of the club entries for the annual North V South competition. David has brought together all the ingredients for a really great production and all he needs now is a bit of luck, a following wind and enough ‘support artists’ to make up a decent crowd scene. We wait and wait, the tension is like a coiled spring that’s close to breaking. But one by one they trickle in and gradually they gather, the friends the neighbours and the club stalwarts. We have our crowd!

With crowd, crew and our leading ladies all assembled the shoot begins. David takes masterful control of the situation and with him in the director’s stool the filming ticks along with assured efficiency until ALL the scenes are in the can and the ambitious schedule completed.

To the cast and crew I take my hat off to you all. In fact I take off everything that decency will allow to salute your patience, fortitude, good grace and good humour especially in the teeth of what was a long and very muggy night. Well done and lets kick the North’s bottom!

6 Replies to “I Wished The Long Hot Night Goodbye…”

      1. Hot it certainly was. ๐Ÿ™

        Note to David: Taking breaks is as essential to a film shoot as getting things done – time restraints be damned! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜›

  1. Great post Simon – pictures brilliant as always. I read that the Odeon has exchanged contracts so Orpington will have its cinema back next year. As a club will we be contacting them to see what they will be doing locally? A club meeting there perhaps one day? Behind the scenes? Documentary on it’s progress of construction? Club tour..Etc etc.

    1. Thanks for the update on the Odeon Bob,
      you make some good points, I’m sure we’ll be contacting them regarding a visit.

  2. I love your comments Simon they make me laugh.
    The photos are great too.

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