A question we have no doubt asked ourselves on numerous occasions, be it at school, work, a concert, a seminar, hospital appointment, or maybe even standing at the altar before a crowded congregation with the vicar an your future spouse waiting for an answer to a very important question!

Perhaps there is a philosophical side to this question pertaining to life and the universe to be explored? What if someone has been abducted and wakes up in a strange location? Or you simply want to extol the virtues of being a member of OVFM, this latest Film to A Theme project gives you the chance to capture your thoughts and ideas on film (well memory cards – or mini DV tape for those of you still stuck in the early 2000’s) and share them with the rest of us.

The deadline and screening date is the club meeting on Tuesday March 5th so get your thinking caps on and let your creative juices flow!

4 Replies to “FILM TO A THEME – NOTICE”

  1. The reason I’m not there is because I’m in hospital having suffered a heart attack on Saturday evening
    The are talking about putting a stent in.
    Just thought I would let you know
    Regards to everyone

  2. Bob, we wish you well. It is amazing what can be done these days when people have a heart attack.

    I hope that you will be up and about soon and enjoying the sunshine when it shows up!

    God bless

    1. True! That Bob can have a heart attack and be back on the internet a few days later to tell us about is quite something! 😛

      Get well soon Bob! 🙂

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