Oh what a night…Early March in 2013

Erm…doesn’t quite work does it? Anyway last night was the Oscars and a good time was had by most – specifically Colin “Fox Whisperer” Jones and Barbara “Cakes” Darby who took home five and three awards respectively. I didn’t win anything but I have the judges names, all I need now is their addresses….

Speaking of the judges the three men from Epsom Film Makers, to whom we are grateful for taking the time to watch, comment and grade our films, are Norman Bull, John Gannaway and Ron Everitt, who were also in attendance last night and presented the top two awards of the evening. So a big thank you to them.

Up first were the three awards voted for internally (i.e within the club).


Kath Jones Cup (Joke film under five minutes)–Winner: Legal Tangle by Colin Jones


Vic Treen Cup (Film set to music) – Winner: Finger Licking Good by Colin Jones


Mike Turner Plate (Film under sixty seconds) – Winner: Traditions by Harold Trill


The 2012 Top Ten Competition – Runner Up: More Than Steam by Sam Brown

Winner: Master Craftsman by Barbara Darby


We then moved onto the Annual Competition Awards as judged by Epsom Film Makers.


Jubilee Shield (Film under five minutes) – Winner: Village Secrets by Sue Ward


Raasay Trophy (No special category) – Winner: Autumn In Greenwich by Colin Jones


Alice Howe Trophy (Documentary) – Winner: Master Craftsman by Barbara Darby


Reg Lancaster Trophy (Funniest Film) – Winner: Legal Tangle by Colin Jones


Heyfield Trophy (Sound) – Winner: Fun With The Ancestors by Annabelle Lancaster


Rene Morris Penguin Plate (Photography) – Winner: Autumn In Greenwich by Colin Jones


Vincent Pons Shield (Fiction) – Winner: Why I Stopped Playing Golf by Hugh Darrington


Priory Trophy (Editing) – Winner: Fun With The Ancestors by Annabelle Lancaster


Arthur Woolhead Trophy (Animation or Visual Effects) – Winner: Wildfowl Waltz by Mike & Jo Coad


Orpington Trophy (Best Film Runner Up): More Than Steam by Sam Brown


Ian Dunbar Cup (Best film) – Winner: Master Craftsman by Barbara Darby


Commendations: Eastbourne by Mike & Jo Coad

The Second Day by Chris Coulson


So there you have it. Congratulations to all the winners and commiserations but a hearty pat on the back to everyone who was nominated or entered a film.

Thanks again to the guys from Epsom Film Makers and perhaps next year we can chose judges who aren’t members of Colin’s family! Just joking Colin! 😉 and of course to Brenda Wheatley for another excellent job as competitions organiser!

Until next year……keeeeeeeep filming!!!

8 Replies to “2013 OVFM OSCARS – THE RESULTS!!”

  1. Well done Lee for doing this so quickly – did you have a ‘secret’ list or stay up all night? Brenda will be keeping the Comps. job, all organised so smoothly, well done to you. (And a few gents. also helped of course)

  2. Nice write-up Lee.
    I thought it was a great evening with barely a hiccup (curse those tiny little remote control buttons!)
    Some FAB outfits on show too…take a bow Jim!

    1. Actually I’d rather Jim didn’t take a bow in case he revealed more than he intended to!

      I am one of the few people who ISN’T interested in what a Scotsman wears under his kilt!

  3. Yes well done Lee especially to have got the information out so quickly.

    Now all I want are the DVDs of the winners and runners up and infact all of the competition entries so that I can up date the archive

  4. We should also say a big ‘WELL DONE’ to Simon for compiling the Oscars show. This is no small task, having done it for 3 years, so we should say thanks to Simon for doing a great job this year. For reasons that could not be forseen, Simon had only a very short time to select the clips and put them together – and add the little sound effects which we all enjoyed.
    Great Job!!

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