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OVFM Club Meeting August 5th 2014

  MEET THE MEMBERS!   You’re probably thinking  “but we’ve already met!” So what is this all about? Well it’s a long story so I hope you are sitting comfortably. At a recent committee meeting when we were brainstorming ideas for our club meetings to get everyone interested and involved I suggested a practical evening […]

View From The Chair – Feb 4th 2013

  The day Animal Planet came to film! What an exciting month I’ve had! It started with a call from Animal Planet TV on a Friday, saying that they’d seen my cat behaviour channel on YouTube, and they’d like to film and interview me and the cats for a series called “My Pets Gone Viral”. […]

Interview Techniques

  Why do an interview?   Haven’t got the footage? – If a ship sinks at sea, you can interview the survivors Could be Interesting filler if used sparingly. If it’s a significant person, it can add credibility Planning Do your research – have a good idea of questions and background about the subject. Consider […]