OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday June 23rd 2015




One thing that can’t be denied about OVFM is that we enjoy a challenge which is why we are embarking on another Film In An Evening project for our next club meeting. As the title says we aim to make – or at least capture enough footage – inside the two hour time frame of the meeting for a film we can enter in this year’s North vs. South competition.

The theme is “Broken” so please give this some thought and bring your ideas on Tuesday where our Chairman Simon “Snapper” Earwicker will lead the charge and see if we can’t bring them all together to create some of our typical OVFM magic!

We’ve managed to create some fun little films in the past under these circumstances so there is no reason why we can’t do it again. So come along on Tuesday and join in the fun and share your genius with us all!

OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday February 3rd 2015



This week’s meeting will incorporate one of our rare special project evening as we attempt to make a film in one night!

That’s quite a tall order for a two hour session but we’ve done it before – you may recall the last time where Sam provided us with a number of objects and one line of dialogue to be included for continuity – and I am sure we can do it again.

As for the specifics, I cannot share them with you as they remain firmly locked in the head of our Vice Chairman Sam “Choo Choo” Brown and we all know what a scary place that can be!

Joking aside Sam has conceived some very interesting one night projects for us before and I am sure he will do so again. So, if you are prepared to head into the unknown under the guidance of our Vice Captain then be sure to present this Tuesday evening!