As much as we pride ourselves on creating original work here at OVFM, we are not above pinching existing concepts for our own use, as evident by the theme for our next cub evening – Desert Island Films.

But, to avoid litigation by the estate of Roy Plomley, we’ve altered the format a little by having two castaways and they, of course, are choosing films to keep them amused whilst stranded on a remote atoll. Not just any films by the way, these are selected from the extensive OVFM archive, meaning one of YOUR films could be chosen by one of your peers to quell their loneliness and boredom, quite an accolade indeed.

The evening will be split into two parts beginning with Andy Watson, who will include one of his own films but his selection will mostly be from other club members. Andy has chosen the films which have impacted and influenced him the most , and will include one that encouraged him to join OVFM!

Colin Jones will host the second half, with his focus being on short film from members who are no longer with us, as well as few forgotten gems from yesteryear he would like to share with a new audience to appreciate.

We hope this sounds like an enticing evening for you and look forward to seeing a full house this coming Tuesday for Desert Island Films!

OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday March 19th 2013


Nobody actually wants to be left alone on a desert island do they? Well, the way the government are going it might be a more preferable option….but I digress. In most cases people find themselves in this situation by accident but if this should happen, we would hope to have some kind of useful object or creature comfort with us to make the time a bit more sufferable. Which brings us to this week’s club meeting.

In absolutely no way at all ripped off from the legendary long running radio show Desert Island Discs (just in case the estate of Roy Plumley is reading) OVFM presents Desert Island Films!! In this session, our victim is the irredeemable Cherie Hamlet-Smith who will be sharing with us eight films that mean the most to her or reflect important moments in her short but illustrious life that would be the ones she would most want to have with her, should she be stuck on a desert island. Geddit?

So, what films mean the most to Cherie that she’d have rather have on a desert island instead of her husband Alan? Come to the meeting on Tuesday night and find out!!