Club film Project – History Of Orpington



OVFM will be making a Club film featuring History of Orpington and hope that every member will contribute in some way.


Stage 1 is to gather all footage and information that currently exists and Project Co-ordinator David Laker is appealing for:


(a) Any clips in member’s films (possibly on other  topics) that may relate to our past


(b) If anyone knows an artist who could draw an impression of the area in Anglo Saxon times (the lathe of Helmestrei later named Rokesley consisting of the parishes of Chyselherst, Heyes, Ockolte, Cilesfield, Orpyngtone, St.Mary Cray, St.Pauls Cray, Footscraye, Bexley and parts of Hever and Chiddingstone).


(c) suggestions for mini projects to be included in the archive film


(d) volunteers to go out capturing current stories  relating to historical documents and stake a claim to whatever topic is of particular interest to you.



For the purpose of this film the boundary of “Orpington” can be fairly flexible but a guide would be the Urban District Council created in 1934 from parts of Bromley and Chislehurst Rural DC which included all of Chelsfield, Cudham and Knockholt, plus most of Farnborough, St.Mary Cray, St.Paul’s Cray, Keston, West Wickham and Biggin Hill.


The Committee will be allocating an evening in the next programme to implement Stage 2 when groups of members can plan a variety of projects to research and film involving everyone – in front or behind the camera –  so please be sure to refer back to this page for all future updates.


Thank you!