OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday September 15th 2015



It’s a special project evening for this meeting because there is no special project theme!

Don’t worry – it’s not that confusing. Our committee (aka The Legion Of Doom) have been concerned that the filmmaking output of the club members has dwindled somewhat recently, with the same few people submitting films for the project evenings and competitions. Similarly newer club members have yet to show their hands either. To be honest I have been with the club for five years now and there are some people I don’t think I have ever seen submit a film.

So, we have put aside this evening in the annual calendar to have a sort of “open night” for club members who are too bashful or lacking in confidence to enter the Top 10, or have yet to find a project to inspire them, to show whatever films they have to the rest of the club.

If the thought of your film being judged by your peers with the potential for criticism sounds off putting for a neophyte filmmaker the idea is that we simply remove that pressure from the equation. That way, if you want constructive feedback for your film but don’t want to be judged then this is the perfect opportunity for you to be advised without risking anything in the process.

There is also a second agenda for this evening as we welcome the results from the recent “Film In An Evening” session we had a few meetings back. The attending members were split up into two groups and two films were shot. The raw material was then distributed among club members to edit as they see fit and we hope to screen those edits in the second part of this session.

So, if you have an edit for us or you have any film you wish to share with us (between 5-10 minutes maximum), this coming Tuesday is your opportunity to do so. Please let us know by replying to this post below if you are bringing a film along with the format, run time and picture ratio information.

Thanks for reading and see you on Tuesday!

OVFM Spring Show 2015


OVFM Spring Show 2015

The year has gone so quickly, it is hard to believe that OVFM is once again holding its annual Spring film Show!

Now the days are getting brighter, the weather (hopefully) is getting warmer and the colour is returning to the leaves on the trees, we will be to marking this occasion by sharing with everyone the best of the many films made by our club members over the past twelve months along with a few delights unearthed from our extensive archive. And the local events of 2014 will be revisited in the annual Newsreel!

As ever refreshments will be on hand as well as our raffle where great prizes can be won!

The 2015 Spring Show will take place on FRIDAY 27th March at 7.30 pm

VENUE – Methodist Church, 19 Sevenoaks Road, Orpington BR6 9JH


WEBSITE – http://www.orpingtonmethodist.org.uk/welcome.htm

Club members get in free but for others the tickets are £5 – which includes refreshments – and are available from our secretary Freddy Beard on 01689 813616 .

A poster for the event can be downloaded (for best printing results) from HERE (right click on the image then select “Save Image As”) so please print a copy off and spread the word around your neighbourhood!

For an entertaining and sociable evening of drama, comedy, documentary, music, travelogue and more get your tickets a.s.a.p. and bring along your friends and family!

See you then!