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Here at OVFM we make films not just for our own enjoyment but for others too. We are proud of our output and, like all creative groups, we like to share the fruits of our labours with others at our annual Spring and Autumn films shows held at the Methodist Church, Orpington which, if you have attended in the past, we hope you have enjoyed.


But did you know that OVFM also runs film shows for other clubs, groups and organisations looking for something different to entertain their members, or as part of a fund raising event?


With a wide range of subjects and genres in our ever increasing archive of films, we can put together a programme of short films to suit the various tastes, needs and demographics of your group. From senior citizens clubs looking to reminisce to the younger generation keen to learn or laugh, we have something for everyone to suit any mood or occasion.




We have a varied selection of films covering all the genres from drama to comedy, educational to historical, documentaries to music as well as films in which our film makers express their artistic and creative sides. Many of our films have won awards across the amateur film making circuit so you can expect nothing but top quality entertainment.



Here is a brief showreel of our work (updated February 2022):




For a nominal fee we will provide a bespoke programme that will run to approximately sixty minutes, with films covering all styles and genres to provide an entertaining mix of titles to suit all tastes. And if you book us for a return visit you are guaranteed a completely new programme – no repeats (unless a certain title is specifically requested)!


We will also provide all the necessary equipment including projector, screen, speakers and DVD/Blu-ray player.




We present our film shows in Orpington and the surrounding area.

For details on our fees and available dates please contact us via e-mail at and we will be happy to discuss these matters with you or put you in contact with one of our Film Show team who will offer suggestions for films which will suit YOU.


Follow OVFM via social media on FACEBOOK – Orpington Video & Filmmakers or TWITTER – @OVFMUK for news updates or to reach out and stay in touch with us.


Thanks for visiting and we look forward to bringing our film shows to your club or group soon!

OVFM – Let US Entertain YOU!

3 Replies to “Book OVFM!”

    1. Hi Karl and thanks for the message.

      I do believe we have some films from this period in our archive,although I personally cannot say how many. I have put out a call to our senior members and our archivist for confirmation so expect an answer soon.

      May I ask what exactly it is you are looking for and for what purpose?


  1. Hello Karl,

    As Lee has said we do have some films that might suit your purpose, if we know what that purpose is.

    If you would provide more information I can do some research for you

    OVFM Club Archivist

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