Saved his life with Magic!

I publish or layout books for authors and get involved in marketing the end product.

One project was a book “Surviving By Magic” by Fergus Anckorn, a resident in the Sevenoaks area and a POW of the Japanese in WW2.  He worked on the Thai-Burma railway.  He survived this grim ordeal, partly thanks to his skills as a conjuror.

One episode involved eggs and his escape from decapitation as a result.

I filmed this particular trick with Fergus telling the story at the same time.  It was filmed in his very small flat using a black cloth pinned to his wall.  Fortunately, my Panasonic camera has a slightly wider angle lens than the equivalent Sony FX so I was just able to keep him in focus, but it was tight.  Watch this and enjoy.


My other videos are under the tag name amplix1 on YouTube



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  1. An interesting story…… and now to tell you how it was done. Well, maybe not, that might breach magic circle rules!

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