OVFM – Public Zoom Showcase – October 15th


Since the Pandemic, many people have learned new skills or taken up new hobbies, whilst the rise of communicating via video devices and platforms such as Zoom and Skype replacing meeting in person. This has also meant people are using their phone cameras on a more regular basis to share their lives with others, but like anything, there is always more you can do with this

The probability is you may have a lot of footage sitting in your cameras or devices that could be turned into something special that you could revisit in the future and keep those memories alive  for you and your kin. You could even make a narrative tale out of these clips, to make it more entertaining, whether you plan to share them with friends and family, or to reach out further via social media. The possibilities are endless and OVFM are happy to show you how to achieve this.

With that in mind, OVFM is inviting you to a Zoom meeting to try to encourage anyone with an interest in film making to join our club. It doesn’t matter whether you use a specialist camcorder, an SLR camera, or a smartphone, we hope to demonstrate how joining OVFM will help you make better films.  We would also welcome anyone interested in acting and looking to gain experience  in this area, or if you have an idea for a film that we could make with you.


Taking place on Friday October 15th, at 20:00pm (please ensure to log in by 19:45pm) the session will last approximately 45-60 minutes, depending on how many questions there are.




Introduction – We’ll tell you a bit about OVFM, show you short clips to illustrate the types of film we make and hear from members on what they get from being part of the club.


Film Making Evenings – A look at the activities and filming process at one of our film making evenings where everyone gets a chance to be involved.


Collaboration – Team work is an integral part of OVFM, so nobody has to carry the burden of filmmaking alone, and by working together we improve our skills, as we will discuss here.


Tutorials – Filmmakers are always learning as software, equipment, and techniques change, hence occasional training evenings are required, which will shall demonstrate here.


Archive – Take a stroll through our digital archive of over 800 films by members along with extracts from some of our older films.


OVFM Competitions – Club competitions are a way to measure our growth and creativity as a filmmaker as well as keep us busy  throughout the year, culminating in our annual Oscars Evening, of which we’ll have an exclusive look..


Q&A – Still want to learn more? Our club members will be happy to answer questions you have about any aspect of amateur film making.


If you are interested in attending this session, please register your interest by sending an email headed OVFM PUBLIC ZOOM to info@ovfm.org.uk and we will send you the details for the meeting closer to the date. Do feel free to spread the word among any friends or family you think may also be interested and we will be happy to invite them too.

In the meantime, feel free to browse some the films from our extensive archives, including:






Thank you for reading and we hope to see you on October 15th!