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The possibility of members working together to share experience and issues with specific cameras or editing software has been mooted for some time. In the discussion after the AGM I offered to set up a group for users of Pinnacle Studio editing software. The idea is that this would be a forum to raise queries, share experience and provide tips. For example, I certainly have issues with Studio where I can’t achieve what I want even though I know it should be possible and I’d welcome the regular opportunity to check whether others have a solution.

I’m not sure exactly how we would communicate but the expectation is that this would be by occasional meetings at each other’s houses so we have direct access to the software and by phone and email, with a log kept of points covered for future reference. It should not matter which specific version of Studio you are using so if you are interested in joining this group please let me know ( and I’ll fix an initial meeting.

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  1. Theoretically, it may fractionally increase the risk, but only if a spambot happens to be visiting our site out of the billions of other sites out there. If you’re nervous, you can always put a space either side of the @ symbol, but personally, I wouldn’t bother. Spam is inevitable, and if you already get any spam at all, you’re already compromised. 🙂

    Incedentally, did you get an email to say that you’ve had a comment to this post??

  2. I don’t use Studio any more and wouldn’t therefore wish to become an active member of the group – but I am pretty conversant with its ways and wiles having worked with the developers on it for over 12 years. If I can advise or help with any problems, feel free to ask!

    1. I have been using Pinnacle Software for a number of years and have had no problems with it.
      Last years I bought a new Camera a Sony HDR SR11 The setting I use is (AVCHD 7M (SP)The image goes onto the hard drive of the camera- I have no problem in importing the images with the Pinnacle but the problems arise with the editing operation i.e. cutting clips,inserting fades,titles etc. It is taking up to two minutes for one operation to be completed, if I try to continue before the operation is complete the screen goes milky and a message appears ‘not responding’ It can also take about 30 minutes to load the programme Can you help –
      My computer details are: Mesh Computers
      Rating – 3.7 Windows experience Index
      Processor – Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU 540@3.07GH2 3.07 GHz
      Ram – 4.00 GB
      System Type- 64 Operating System
      The Pinnacle I am using is Studio HD Ultimate Collection
      Thanks in anticipation

      1. Hi Paul,

        Unfortunately, I’m afraid we don’t offer a help area on this website, the only time we could help you in that way would be on a club night, if you live anywhere near Orpington?

        However, I can recommend the IAC forum, where there are a few pinnacle experts there, and hopefully someone might have an idea to get you going again…
        the address is

        Best of luck!

  3. Thanks, Mike. We’d welcome the chance to call on your experience from
    time to time.

  4. Edius Editing Software Support is alive and well and operating out of the Kemsing Video Group. Help is always available from JMR and Jane by email or via this website.

  5. I’ve used nothing but Pinnacle Studio since it’s early days. It’s not always been the most relible software and it certainly doesn’t like Vista and tends to crash quite a lot. Since I have bought a faster desktop machine it performs a lot better. Not sure what it will be like using AVCH disk yet, time will tell.

    I like the new website, slap yourself on the back whoever designed it. Unlike my website which for some reason I cannot access.

  6. I have Pinnacle studio 14 and have no problem importing Flip video ….but I have yet to find a way to do the reverse–import AVI into the Flip format. Anyone know how to do this?

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