OVFM Newsreel Request – Orpington May Queen 2014



As you know, we’re keen for members to get involved in filming events for the Newsreel.  Anything that’s visual and of interest to the local population would be very welcome. If nothing else, it gives your camera an outing and you some practice in using it.


To start you thinking you might like to consider outings to film the Mayor as he crowns this year’s May Queens.


The dates are:


Orpington Priory Gardens on Saturday 3rd May where the Mayor arrives at 1.55pm.

 Green Street Green on the same day arriving at 3.20.

The Petts Wood Queen is being crowned in the Memorial Gardens Hall on Monday 5th May,  arriving at 10.50am.


Members living a little further away are also invited to send events going on in their immediate area so long as they are of general interest.


It will be up to this year’s editor (not yet appointed!) to select the most suitable shots for inclusion and he/she would just love to be spoilt for choice, so please do have a go!


Annabelle Lancaster

10 Replies to “OVFM Newsreel Request – Orpington May Queen 2014”

  1. I have a number of video files. I will download some editing software to splice them together and will email the (private) Youtube link to Mike Shaw for comment (as children are involved I am concerned about publishing it online). It’s all handheld footage but not too wobbly! There is about 10 mins of reasonable footage, including the Mayor’s speech and the actual crowning of the May Queen.

  2. Dear Secretary,

    I have been given this address by Margot Rohan. My daughter Carol was crowned Orpington May Queen 2014. I wonder if any of your members came that day took any video footage? I would love to have a video record of Carol’s May Queen crowning day. Thanks. Cathy Hussey

        1. Dear Cathy
          A team from the club was at the 2013 Petts Wood May Fayre but I’m afraid it turns out that none of us managed to get to the 2014 Fayre.
          Sorry about that.
          Best wishes

          1. Hi Simon,

            Thank you for replying. Never mind. It was worth a try.

            Best wishes,


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