In one of the more egregious cases of “keeping up with the Joneses”, Basil Doody follows in the footsteps of Colin “Colin” Jones by celebrating his 50th Anniversary with OVFM.

1966 was quite the year – Doctor Who fans were stunned when William Hartnell morphed into Patrick Troughton before their eyes; the English football team actually won a match and The Beatles effectively kicked off the psychedelic era with their seminal album Revolver.

It was also the year that Basil Doody walked into the OCS club room for the first time. One member who was pleased to greet Basil was Colin Jones, since this meant he was no longer the new guy and could pass all the menial tasks onto Basil. For the next year, in between learning how to make films, Basil was also responsible for sweeping the ceiling, feeding the club platypus, exorcising the toilets and watering the fish.

Over the years Basil built up a library of films in which he either starred or directed, whilst became in demand as a voice over artist, although his voice-under skills were less in demand. Ever the team player, Basil would help other club members with their films and eventually would form a small group called The Gremlins with Pete Greenway (no relation).

While comedy was Basil’s favoured genre he also took a keen interest in special effects (but had to give it back as he failed to ask permission first) with his “Sperrymental Films”, as well as his famed “films cut to music” and his not so famed “films cut to ribbons”.

50 years worth of films is quite a lot to look back over, it would be a very long evening for a retrospective, so the Legion Of Doom (aka the OVFM Committee) have threatened Basil to narrow it down to a two hour sessions and he graciously acquiesced.

So join us for a special evening of archive films from one of the club’s most prolific and well regarded filmmakers, and for a slice of cake (we can’t afford a whole cake after Colin’s one broke the bank last year) in celebration of Basil Doody’s 50th anniversary with OVFM.