OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday September 13th 2011


The Top Ten rolls on as we reach Round Four! It’s been a slow start to the competition this year but with the summer holiday season coming to an end, there is a chance that a few domestic and overseas excursions have been documented on camera for future entries to alleviate this current dearth of film making activity.


Selected for putting their films (and reputations) up for judgement this time are:


Brenda & Roger Wheatley

Hugh Darrington

Pat Palmer

Mike & Jo Coad

Charlie & Nellie Caseley

Robin Hazelton

Jenny Tucker

Barbara & Ron Darby

Andy Webb

Alan Smith & Cherie Hamlet-Smith

Reg Lancaster

Ray Hewitt

David Laker.


Also set to contribute are:


Harold TrillI

Richard Pugh



There are a few prolific names on the list for this round which hopefully will translate to a healthier total of submissions this time around.

The updated scores for the competition so far can be found HERE!

Remember PLEASE reply to this post to let us know if you will or will not be submitting a film at this session. Thanks you!


See you then!!

One Reply to “OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday September 13th 2011”

  1. First off, best wishes for a speedy recovery to Roger Wheatley who was taken ill on his recent hols.

    Well, this week we screened a grand total of FIVE out of thirteen prospective entries – a record for the 2011 contest. I think that is what they call “progress”….

    Forgive the vagueness of the details but I myself am not 100% and thus didn’t fully take in much of what went down last night.

    First film was “Floriade” by ??? about a Dutch flower show.

    Next was “Conversations with Diana Sprignall”(?) from one of the Kemsing Mafia. Less a conversation and more a profile piece on a professional embroiderer.

    Third up was “Largo Di Garda” from Cherie and Alan about their trip to Italy.

    David Laker then asked “Why Are Icebergs Blue?” then kindly provided the answer for us (or rather Google did!).

    Final film came from Jane Oliver entitled “Out Of The Darkness” about a recent night time parade in London.

    The final round is in one month’s time so if you haven’t submitted a film yet then this is your last chance.

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