For this week’s meeting we are taking a break from our own activities to let someone else share with us the fruits of their labours and the secrets behind how they achieved them., as we invite another guest speaker to the hallowed halls of the Barnyard Rooms!


We are expecting to have Andrew Bishop from Darkside Animations gracing us with his presence, a face and name that might be familiar to our older and longer serving club members from his previous visit to our club back in 2011! In case the name of his company wasn’t enough of a clue, Andrew is an SFX wizard with many TV show, films and promotional clips credited to Darkside Animations, a sample of which can be found in THESE SHOWREEL VIDEOS on their Vimeo page.


Visual effects are becoming the norm in film making these days even for what seems to be the most normal of circumstances – from unique colour correction techniques and the use of LUTs to speed ramping and masking to subtly enhance the images whilst keeping them look natural.


As we know from our own experiences green screen is also more common in what look like normal, everyday situations and no doubt Andrew will be able to share with us some handy tricks of the trade to helps us improve our understanding and film editing techniques, as well as dazzle us with the mastery of his own work.


If this is something that interest you, and it should, be sure to join us and Andrew this coming Tuesday for what should be a fascinating and educational evening.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Although some of it was above my head, Andrew’s enthusiasm and demonstrations kept us all wide awake and genuinely interested.
    I hope he will make a return visit in the not too distant future.

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