OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday May 12th 2015


with Spring Park

A recent annual tradition between OVFM and our friends at Spring Park Film Makers is to share an evening between our two clubs with each taking it in turn to screen a short programme of our films.

The pattern is to alternate the hosting of this event and last year saw Spring Park do the honours, so this year it befalls to OVFM to welcome members of Spring Park to our humble meeting venue, which means being on your best behaviour (yes, Cherie I am looking at you! 😉 ).

For the benefit of anyone not familiar with our 50/50 evenings, the format is that we show a 45 minute programme of our films then we see 45 minutes of films from Spring Park  – or vice versa pending the outcome of the chairman vs. chairman arm wrestling contest – with a break in between for tea, coffee, biscuits and conversation.

Remember this is not a competition, just a friendly sharing of films between two groups of passionate amateur film makers, so sit back and enjoy what should be a varied but entertaining evening.