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It is with sadness that we have to report the passing of our oldest member, 92 year old Frank Hyde. Newer members may not have been able to put a name to the elderly gentleman sitting quietly on “our”  side of the aisle on club nights but Frank was an important member for many years.

Born in Birmingham, he served in Burma during the War and was an accountant back in civvy street. A keen member of South Birmingham Cinè club, when his job moved him to Bexley in the early Seventies he joined his nearest club, Shooters Hill where I first met him as their Chairman.

He, Madge and their two sons eventually moved to Petts Wood and he joined OCS and  he soon took on the job of Treasurer which he fulfilled for many years. He was a keen film maker, using Eumigs in celluloid days, moving on to Panasonics for video.

He was delighted when Madge made a nice little winner about Wordsworth’s home Brantwood. Frank was no stranger to success himself. In our Annual Competition one year, he won the Ian Dunbar Cup, our top award, for a film Nimrod, made with Colin Jones, and was also runner  up with his own production, Facets of France. He served as our Chairman in 1988-9. He set a good example in being the first to note every film shown in the club.

Frank was a family man, a dog lover, keen gardener and walker. Though he seemed a shy man, once you got to know him he was a great and loyal friend to have.

If a smart elegant couple were needed in club films, Frank and Madge could fill the bill, as in the NvS winner Final Call.  When a character young Tim Jones plays in The Job turns up casually dressed for an interview, the long look of disapproval that immaculate Frank draws, with those steely blue eyes, needed no words.

Some years ago Frank founded an investment club which son Steven  and other four OVFM members joined. At the inaugural meeting his eyes twinkled as he proposed naming it after his address. He liked the idea of living in a road called Great Thrift. We shall miss him enormously.


Thanks to Reg for his obituary.

If you have any memories or stories about Frank them please feel free to share them in the reply section below. Thank you.


R.I.P Frank

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  1. So now I am the only Brummie I know in Orpington! Discussing where we lived, found out that I rode my bike to school in Erdington past his parents’ house. So sad to lose yet another ‘favourite’.

  2. Frank was born 10 years before me and we sometimes used to sit next to him and Derek left front on club nights. I did not get to talk to Frank apart from being reminded to pay our subs when I forgot to pay on time. Gradually we began chatting during tea and I found him to be a pleasant man with interesting tales to relate. Sadly, time passes by and we are losing our older members one by one. Frank will not be forgotten by those who like me, eventually got to know him even if it was not as close friends.

  3. A few memories of Frank
    I was chairman when Frank and Madge first came along to our club at the AGM and probably because of the typical wrangling which goes on at an AGM they decided to join Shooters Hill instead!
    A year or two later they joined our club and were both valuable members for many years.
    Frank of course was treasurer for many years and also in the same role for the SERIAC council when Reg and I were officers. He also was chairman for one year and at least one of our club Garden Parties was held in his garden many years ago.
    Frank and I collaborated in making a film which I had written concerning a dog called Nimrod which was all in verse. It won the top prize in the Kent Film Festival.
    On another occasion he won the top prize at Kent himself with a film based upon an Ordinance Survey map!
    I hope he did have a chance to enjoy some of the time in Foxbridge House. I am sure we will miss him in our club.
    Colin Jones.

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