OVFM CLUB MEETING – Tuesday May 10th 2016



That’s right folks, the time has come for our club members who accepted this special challenge – first announced back in March – to show us the fruits of their labours in editing the supplied raw footage provided by our vice-chairman Sam “Choo Choo” Brown.

For the rest of us, the contents of that footage will remain a mystery, making the outcome even more exciting. With so many creative individuals in the club we are assured a number of unique interpretations and stories, making for another entertaining night.

As ever if you are bringing a film PLEASE let us know by replying to this post in the comments section below, listing the format, run time and picture ratio. This is crucial in helping us to plan the evening time wise and to ensure we have sufficient material for the whole session, so your co-operation is very much appreciated.

And if you haven’t done so already, be sure to speak to Pat Palmer about getting involved in the History Of Orpington club film project.

See you on Tuesday!

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  1. With any luck and a following wind, I will have a sort of interpretation ready. Not what I originally planned, but just a very (very!) basic edit – that’s because I had enormous difficulty trying to get the VOB files into my editor (file sizes became ENORMOUS – over 300gigs!!!) – and have only just been able to do it, ready for the edit.

    I might suggest that for future challenges of this kind it might be better to use the original file format and if that means the files are too large to go onto DVD, then perhaps a way of allowing people to copy them onto ‘sticks’ might be the way to go. Or, as sticks are so cheap these days – 8 or 16 gig sizes for example, perhaps the club could invest in half a dozen or so for just such occasions?

  2. My point precisely Lee! Why go to creating VOB files when we could use the originals as MOV or AVI. However I believe Ian said they were too large to go onto a 4.5GB DVD as MOV or AVI files, hence the need to make ‘DVD VOB’ files of them. Which is why I suggested using sticks instead of DVDs. I do believe – but am not certain – that the original files were shot on a 4k camera. That too would be a no-no for passing stuff out to club members. Very few of us can handle such large files, and most of our editors certainly cannot without the latest upgrades etc.

    1. 4K? That would explain it!

      It’s funny, my old tape camera would rack up over 10 Gb for an avi of an hour’s footage in SD, yet my new camera is full HD 1080p (it also shoots on MP4 for smaller “ease of sharing” files) and uses a smartcard and the MPEG-TS files are upwards of 115 mb for 1 minute of footage! For example, the total footage shot at 1080p HD for my nephew’s film was 7 mins 11 secs, which came to a total combined file size of 954 MB!

      So if the HD footage on that disc is in 4K then I’m not surprised it would run to a few gb or so. But over 300? Ouch! 😮

  3. I have a film, widescreen, 2.5 mins. Believe me you’ll go wowee, is that possible? (who has a 4K camera? Come on Mike…get Premiere Pro).

  4. I hope to have an edited film ready for Tuesday (nearly done) Probably 2 min.30sec widescreen on DVD

      1. It sounds suspiciously to me as though we have all had the same idea for our ‘Sam Movie’ … all being almost exactly the same length.


        Oh well.

  5. I’ve now got a 4K camera but too scared to use it incase I cant edit my footage.
    The Kemsing group have an entry for tonight.
    I Love London
    16.9 widescreen

    1. Thanks Barbara!

      The problem with 4K is that we may be able to shoot in it but, as you say, how many consumer editors can truly handle it and not only that, they’ve only just started to wheel out the TVs to play 4K, making it rather pointless at the moment if we can’t see the benefits of them. I have a couple of 4K blu-rays and while they look great on my old TV, I’m sure they would be even more stunning if I had a 4K TV (not that I could afford one mind….)

      Anyway, that’s four entires so far. Any advance on that number? 🙂

  6. This project eventually garnered a response of seven entries! It was revealed to the remainder of us that the footage Sam “Choo Choo” Brown shot was taking during a two hour trip around London, which you might discern from the titles of the films submitted. 😉

    First up was “I Love London” from the Kemsing Mafia, a poem written by Jane Oliver inspired by the images supplied. Next Bob Wyeth showed us some of his favourites places in “This Is London” while David “Offshore Account” Laker took a different tact for “Breaking News”.

    Hugh Darrington was also in a cheeky mood for “Nikki”, as was Mike “I Was Clement Freud’s Double” Shaw with “Sam’s London”. Pat Palmer shared some “London Pride” before this part of the evening was rounded off with Sam’s own entry – knocked up during this lunch break – wittily entitled “Lunchtime Rush”!

    This project proved once again, even with the limited source material, any number of possibilities can mined from them, so well down to all who took part.

    To close the evening, we had two supplementary films – one from Hugh’s personal archive about video editing using video tape (!) entitled “A Small Room In Sidcup” and a new one from Bob filmed at the 2016 Crockenhill Scarecrow Competition, where he came fourth!

    We also had a visitor in the form, of Michael Maxted, a collector of vintage memorabilia who runs his own display called Memory Musuem. Michael wants to make a short film to promote his wares as well as help promote Orpington, so of course he came to the right place for help. We’ll be discussing this in detail at the next club meeting.

    1. Yes it certainly got a few brains thinking and perhaps it might encourage others to take part. Well done Lee for a brilliant write up of the evening.

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